Export Consulting
We provide you with the whole process of retarder export consulting services, and plan one-stop retarder export solutions according to customer needs.
We provide consultation and services in all aspects of international logistics and transportation, import customs clearance, overseas sales and after-sales service to solve technical export barriers and lower the export threshold.
Help exporters keep abreast of domestic and international import and export policy developments and enjoy more policy dividends.
For exporters to avoid foreign trade risks and trade barriers to advise and protect the interests of exporters.
Logistics Services
To provide you with cost-effective, customized, one-stop international logistics services for retarder exports.
Water-rail-road-air multimodal transport one-stop logistics service.
Sea transport: covering Asia, Africa, Europe, etc., the five major overseas regions.
Railroad transportation: use the China-European railroad train for intermodal transportation, and then export by sea.
Land transportation: Through car transportation, we connect national regional companies, export bases, port terminals, etc.
Readiness Services
Establishing a perfect preparation service management system, forming a strategic alliance of retarder export parts, implementing comprehensive quality management and lean operation, providing retarder export enterprises with high-quality, low-cost, professional and standardized retarder preparation services.
Establishing a perfect management system for consolidation services and improving consolidation efficiency.
Introduce international advanced technology and equipment, can complete the whole business with high quality according to the customer's demand .
Use strategic alliances for retarder export parts to reduce parts procurement costs and improve cost performance.
The service network covers 150 cities in 17 provinces, making it easy for customers to localize their equipment and reduce logistics costs.
Real-time visualization tracking and control, easy to track the whole preparation situation, using the customer instant response mechanism to improve communication efficiency.
After-Sales Service
To provide you with cost-effective, customized, one-stop international logistics services for retarder exports.
Our product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. If the product failure and after-sales problems can consult us at any time, we have a very professional technical team, can give you a perfect solution. There are special office operation, maintenance site and professional retarder maintenance technicians, maintenance equipment and tools.We can provide professional pre-sales technical exchanges, and have a perfect after-sales service system.
Service Advantages
1.Perfect after-sales service system.
2.Efficient after-sales service management mode and supervision mechanism.
3.Excellent after-sales service management team, listen to the voice of users, and constantly meet the reasonable needs of users.
Japan's largest testing organization
Famous German testing institute
China's largest testing organization
China's famous testing agency
Traceability Services
Provide full traceability tracking service for the export process of retarder and anti-counterfeiting through big data analysis and blockchain technology .
Conduct inspection for retarder product export, product circulation information at a glance, with the retarder comes with a test report, quality assurance certificate, to provide retarder information network query services.
Use advanced technologies such as Internet of Things and blockchain to integrate key information in all aspects of shared retarder exports and prevent information tampering and falsification.
We can guarantee that our quality is one of the best, down to the number of turns of the coil and the height of the magnetic block, mat requirements are very strict, we sell products, customers say that the braking effect is good, long service life.