Partner Policies
Great partners bring great possibility .
Easy to start a business
Integrate all kinds of marketing resources and channel construction, comprehensively guide the site selection of exclusive stores, analyze the value of business circle and stores on site, and provide standardized guidance before opening stores.
Personnel training
Company trains qualified basic staff for franchise store in a short period of time, and provide medium-term training to improve technical management training.
Advertising support
Company promotes the brand awareness by TV, Internet, newspaper and other media, strives to make the product image well known.
Product development
Company has a professional R & D team and modern technology equipment, which can accurately grasp the market trend and carefully design.
Event promotion
Planning department has launched a variety of flexible and practical promotion programs at different times to help promote store sales with advanced business means.
Technical Support
Having right to use brand power tool , store image and regional exclusive right. Provide you with a strong market strategy, advertising and so on by senior enterprise experts
How To Be Our Partner
If you want to cooperate with us and become our partner, please prepare the information .
Business license of legal entity (duplicate)
Import and export license (copy)
Capital verification report and financial audit report of applicant company in recent 1 year(copy)
Import and export quality certificate and relevant import and export license certificate (copy)
Credit certificate of the applicant company issues by bank
The land use right certificate of the selected plot (copy)
Photos of the selected site and surrounding environment
Send us your information and we will contact you later
Apply to become an agent
Always adhere to independent research and development and technological innovation, according to the market situation and user needs, fundamentally explore the level and structure of the product