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Retarder installation and maintenance precautions

DATE : Nov 27th, 2022
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As shown in the picture, the local road is rough and the mountain road is too steep. The customer needs to install eddy current retarder for a special purpose motor vehicle.

The customer's model is a Dongfeng Tianjin traditional fuel oil vehicle, with 11 square meters, which is suitable for road maintenance, road washing, road wetting, dust reduction operations on urban main roads, highways, squares and other venues. It can also be used for watering flowers and trees in green belts, and can also be used as an emergency fire water truck.

The installation of automobile retarder is generally divided into three positions: transmission, rear axle, drive shaft. As shown in the figure, the customer's vehicle needs to be installed on the drive shaft, which is suitable for front engine and small passenger models. Double rotor intermediate bearing support structure is adopted, which is easy to install and has little influence on the original vehicle's transmission system.
We recommended the eddy-current retarder from KingRetarder to our customers. The customer is very satisfied with the product after testing. Clients praise KingRetarder for being a very professional retarder company. Our retarder downhill braking effect is very good, no drag brake phenomenon, very in line with customer models.

After the installation of the retarder, our after-sales service department informed the customer of the maintenance precautions of the retarder: 
1. The main power switch must be turned off when repairing and cleaning the retarder. 
2. Try to maintain the retarder after cooling to room temperature. 
3. The stator and electrical joints can only be cleaned with low pressure nozzle. 
4. Do not use corrosive and volatile solvents. 
5. After the handle switch is used, remember to return the position of the handle switch to "0". 

We also welcome other retarder-related customers to consult us, we will provide customers with very professional solutions.
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